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[FIC] Winter Arashi, chapter 21

Title: Winter Arashi
by: choconova 

Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG (as of now)
Summary:  Arashi has finally come back after two years of hiatus! And as they bump into a hauntingly familiar face, the falling snow may be witness of Arashi becoming a five member band once again.


I don't even know what to say. I guess you can say I died and... am still dead? hahahaha. At least, till the end of April. hahaha. I'll be on vacation come April-- till then, I'm still on purgatory. >_> It's 3:21 in the morning and my eye bags are the size of saucers. LOL. I needed food for soul so I tentatively checked my LJ which I have abandoned for soooo long *sobs*. And I think I did the right thing... My heart swelled to the size of watermelons.

...So did my guilt. ^^;;;;;; 

But some things cannot be helped, i suppose. *sigh* I'm doing my best, minna! >:D WA is not dead yet! With your support, I hope to carry on bravely! Thank you for the never-ending love and support. Reading all your kind words touches me enough to make me weep with joy. ^^

Love forever! 

Previous chapters (1-20)

Chapter 21



Oda blinked furiously at his doorknob, as if trying to get it to open on its own. He had never quite experienced feeling so nervous about entering his own home… Then again, he never quite experienced being part of a boy band as well. Maybe new things come from new things after all.


Oda shook his head. He wasn’t making any sense.


He pondered glumly over his dilemma, which stemmed from the latest meeting Arashi had just a few hours ago…




“We start your acting workshop tomorrow, Oda-kun. Umemura-san will still be your instructor.” Manager-kun looked at him. “Have you told your family yet?”


“My… family?”


“Yes, your family. You are now part of Arashi and in a few weeks time I will be requiring you to sign several documents to authenticate your official membership into Arashi.”


“That soon?”


“Yes.” The man nodded. “We will need the signature of your guardian as well so I suggest you tell whoever it is concerned about the news as soon as possible...”





“Well… It’s not like I can run away from this forever.” Oda mused aloud to the door. “I’d have to tell them sooner or later…”


His brow wrinkled, as if he were arguing with someone who happened to disagree. “Besides, telling them now would be better than later, anyway…”


He stared at the door as if willing it to answer back. The air was quiet around him and the sky was turning into that warm orange color that Oda liked to paint sometimes. For how long he stood there, he did not know… But he WAS starting to feel kinda stupid.


“Oh for Christ’s sake, I can’t stay here forever.” Oda sighed loudly to himself.


He waited for a few more seconds, like he was waiting for himself to move.


“What are you doing, Takeshi?”


Oda jumped as a hand fell onto his right shoulder. He stifled a startled yelp and quickly turned around. Miyuki-chan was staring at him oddly.


“Ah… Miyuki-chan…” Oda mumbled lamely, immediately deflating. “Okaeri…”


“Tadaima.” She replied, still eyeing him. “What were you doing standing here like an idiot, Takeshi? You are going to catch a cold.”


“Er… I forgot my keys.” He quickly lied, bringing up a sheepish hand to scratch his head.


“Mou, you forgetful boy.” Miyuki-chan rolled her eyes amusedly. “And to think you are older than me… I swear, you still need to be taken care of.”


“Sorry.” Oda watched his cousin slip her keys on the apartment door, hearing the soft click of the lock.


The door creaked open and Miyuki-chan stepped in, turning on the front lights. Oda hesitated…


“Takeshi?” Miyuki-chan looked back at him expectantly. “Aren’t you coming in?”


“Ah…” Oda fumbled with his bag, slowly making his way towards the door. He didn’t know if he could do this… Everything he worked on so far… Everything he held dear… Everything he strived to keep constant and quiet… Everything was going to change…


And this time, it was for real.


“Miyuki-chan…” He absently murmured as he watched his cousin toe off her shoes.


“Hm?” she looked up at him inquiringly. “What is it?”


“If… And it’s just a ‘What if’, mind you…” Oda fidgeted. “If I had to… change… because of a decision I made… Would you think different of me?”


Miyuki stared at him.


“Takeshi…” she slowly began. “Are you feeling all right?”


“I’m fine.” He quickly replied. “I’m sorry, that was a weird question. Never mind…”


“Even if you change Takeshi, I won’t think any lesser of you.” Miyuki shrugged. “You are my cute, dear cousin and nothing’s going to change that.”


Oda’s face broke into a smile and he beamed at his cousin.




“You won’t get rid of me that easy.” She teasingly replied.


“Okay.” He replied, feeling slightly better about the whole thing. “Come on, let’s get dinner ready. I kinda have to tell you guys something later…”


Oda had about a million scenario’s running through his mind regarding that moment when he broke the news to his family. And so far, things have been going exactly as he had predicted…






Oda kept in the wince at the sheer decibel of Miyuki’s shriek. He had long before learned never to underestimate the screaming power of fan-girls. And Miyuki was a certified, bona-fide member of the Arashi fan club.


He poked at the meat he had in his rice bowl. They were having Sukiyaki, and Oda wasn’t certain if the extravagant meal was really proper for such a night…


“Say that again…” Miyuki-chan thundered, her chopsticks lying forgotten on the floor. “I dare you to say that again and I SWEAR you will regret it if I find that this is one big, sick joke--”


“I’m not joking.” Oda replied, more calmly than he felt. “I’m joining Arashi as their fifth member and I’m currently training under Umemura-san to prepare for my debut.”


He had yet to meet Oji in the eye and he was deathly afraid at what he would see reflected in the usually kindly gaze… If he disapproved… If Oji-chan disapproved…


“Who?” Miyuki squeaked, still wide-eyed.


“Umemura-san.” Oda repeated. “He’s my trainer from Johnny’s Jimusho. I’ve been training under him for quite a while now.”


Miyuki gaped at him and Oda thoughtfully looked away.




Oda immediately felt his shoulders tense. Oji-san had finally spoken.


“Why, Takeshi?”


He felt his heart sinking at the soft tone of Oji-chan addressing him. He forced himself to look up at the older man’s face.


“Why what, Oji-chan?”


“Why… did you do this?”


Oda bit his lip. “I… I wanted to help, Oji-chan… I wanted to be able to help.”


Miyuki and Shouji paused at the height of their freaking out at the suddenly serious tone of the conversation. Oji-chan was looking at him with unreadable eyes and Oda wanted to run off and hide.


“You… disapprove?” Oda quietly asked.


“Joining a band… Sharing their responsibilities…” Oji-chan slowly began. “These are big things, Takeshi. Are you prepared to accept this role with all your heart?” 


Oda stared at him.


Oji-chan sighed. “This was what I was afraid of… I told you before, Takeshi… I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to help all of you to follow your dreams. This isn’t how I wanted it to be…”


“But Oji-chan…” Oda whispered. “You don’t have to do this alone… I want to help. I will never be at ease otherwise.”


“Do not be selfish, Takeshi!” Oji-chan sharply said, and Oda was shocked at the stern tone.


“This is not a joke anymore.” The older man looked at him in the eye. “Joining a band… If you do not have your heart in it, then you might as well quit. Producing music and dancing around… It’s not that simple! People will be watching you, judging you, looking up to you. Are you ready for that, Takeshi? Is this what you want?”


Oda was taken aback. Is this what he wanted? The question startled him. From the start, everything had been about everything and anything else… What did HE want?


His mind wandered back to the long hours under Umemura-san’s sharp eyes… The beat of the music as his body moved to the rhythm… As one by one, his steps, his movement bled into an intricate and beautiful dance… Oda remembered the intoxicating feel of pure bliss as he first flew into the air in a simple cartwheel… It was as if the box of Pandora had been opened and he was hopelessly addicted.


He loved it.


He thought back to the countless explanations of Manager-kun about routines and interview systems and his flustered mind trying its best to keep up… That perpetually busy feeling he had every waking moment he spent inside the studio… The beat of fast paced modernity mingled with the slight taste of celebrity. Oda’s eyes widened as he realized he liked it. He liked it all.


And then there were the members… Sho-kun was always supportive of him and Aiba-chan adored him… He was unendingly grateful for their all out support- he never could have done it without them. Matsumoto Jun was still cold to him but it only made him strive harder… work harder, than he had ever worked in his life.  And Nino… The boy always made him laugh and he loved their petty arguments over practically anything at all… He wanted this.


He wanted it.


“Yes.” Oda finally replied, looking at Oji-chan directly in the eyes. “I want it.”


“At first, this was all about me trying to help you, Oji-chan…” Oda continued, admitting freely to the older man of his original intentions. “But as time went by, it became about something else… I was… happy, Oji-chan. I enjoyed it.”


Oda smiled freely. “I am enjoying it.”


There was a long silence after that and the soft bubbling of the Sukiyaki pot filled the room… Finally, Oji-chan smiled and held out a hand.


“Then congratulations, Takeshi… Congratulations.”


Oda felt his breath rush out of him and with it went all his apprehensions and fears. Oji-chan approved… Everything was okay!


“I’ll work hard, Oji-chan.” Oda promised, beaming at the old man. “I promise.”


“I’m sure you will.” Oji-chan kindly replied, smiling at him. “You will be a wonderful artist, Takeshi. You have always been wonderful in my eyes.”


Oda’s smile widened. “Thanks, Jii-chan!”


“So…” Shouji slowly began, eyeing Oda with a strange look in his eyes. “Does this mean I get to have a famous cousin now?”


“I’m not famous…” Oda reminded him. “Not yet…”


“Yet.” Shouji scoffed, a slow grin cracking his face. “Oh MAN, this is PRICELESS! Wait till I tell my friends!”


“You can’t.” Oda sharply said, turning to face him seriously. “You mustn’t tell ANY one, Shouji. You have to promise. Till the day it will be officially announced to the public, no one else must know.” He turned to the rest of his family. “Absolutely NO ONE.”


Oji-chan nodded in understanding. “It makes sense… The contract is legally binding, I suppose?”


“Yes.” Oda replied. “Which reminds me- I need your signature on the contract. It’s proof that I have the consent of both parties- whatever that means.”


Oji-chan nodded. “I am glad.”


“My god… This is for real, then?” Shouji shook his head in amazement. “I think the reality’s just sinking in now… This is so bizarre.”


“Tell me about it.” Oda agreed.


“And why aren’t you saying anything?” Shouji looked suspiciously at his sister, who had been uncharacteristically silent.


“Er…” Miyuki blinked, looking dazed. “I don’t know what to say, really…”


“Don’t worry… The shock will wear off soon.” Oda sighed, patting her shoulder. “Trust me.”


* * *


A blood-curling scream echoed through the night.


Oda jerked awake from his bed in alarm, flailing his arms, as he was rudely shaken into consciousness and falling painfully out of bed.


“Owwww…” He groaned thickly from the tangle of blankets on his hard, unforgiving floor.


His muddled mind took a second to properly process being awake before he remembered what exactly had woken him up-


“Miyuki!” he gasped, as he recognized the shrill scream.


He quickly scrambled up from the floor, tripping all over his sheets as he stumbled towards his bedroom door. The lights in the hall flickered open as Oji-chan and Shouji emerged from their bedrooms as well.


“Miyuki-chan?” Oda called out, knocking on her door.


Oji-chan and Shouji were huddled around him, looking confused and a little shaken. Oda knocked harder.


“Miyuki-chan, daijobu? Are you hurt?”


There was no reply from inside and they were steadily getting worried.


“Miyuki-nee’chan!” Shouji croaked, jiggling the doorknob. “It’s open!”


“Miyuki-chan, we’re going in.” Oda warned, rapping on the door again. “We’re going in, okay?”


There was still no reply and so action was definitely inevitable. Oda counted to three and burst through the door, expecting the worst possible scenario… He abruptly halted in the middle of the glaring pink room and stared at the figure sitting limply by the bed. Oji-chan and Shouji crashed into him from behind and they all fell to the floor in a tangle of flaying arms and limbs.


“Ow!” Oda groaned, silently telling himself that his body was getting too much of a beating to be healthy.


“Why did you stop?” Shouji groaned from underneath him where he was squished.


“Miyuki-chan!” Oji-chan called, struggling to push himself off the two bodies. “Miyuki-chan, what’s the matter? Why did you scream?”


“Gerrof me!” Shouji hissed at him, elbowing Oda in the face.


“Stop struggling!” Oda snapped back, heaving himself to his feet.


The three men finally stood in a single line facing Miyuki’s bed, where the said girl was sitting frozen atop her frilly bed sheets. Oda was acutely aware of the limp, shocked look in her expression and wondered if there had been a cockroach or a rodent that was unfortunate enough to wander into her room…


“Miyuki-nee’chan?” Shouji tried again, furrowing his brows. “What the hell is wrong with you?”




Oda froze as the words left her lips. Two pairs of eyes immediately zoomed towards him- Oji-chan’s inquiring while Shouji’s, confused…


“Did she just…?” Shouji paused, unsure. “She said… Arashi?”


“Arashi.” Miyuki repeated, a little louder.


“What, the gay boy band?” Shouji scratched his head, confused. “What about them?”


“Arashi!” she cried, almost hysterically.


“Miyuki-chan, just tell us…” Oji-chan said gently. “What is wrong?”


Miyuki slowly raised a finger and pointed to Oda. Her face was a mixture of wonder and shock. “Arashi!”


Everyone fell silent for a few heartbeats.


“I think…” Shouji slowly began inching his way towards the door. “I know where this is going…”


“Miyuki-chan, get a grip.” Oda peered at her worriedly, shaking a hand in front of her eyes. “Oji-chan, do you know what’s wrong with her?”


“She seems to have gone into a shock…” Oji-chan slowly replied, watching his granddaughter with wide eyes. “Takeshi, how much do you think this… band meant to her?”


“It’s pretty much her whole world.” Oda admitted, glancing at his cousin. “I was kinda surprised she didn’t make a fuss over the news a while… a…go… Oh.” He paused. “Oh dear.”


They glanced at each other and looked back at the silent girl.


“She’s in shock.” Oda finally realized, frowning slightly. “The fact that I am soon going to be part of the boy band she has been worshipping-”




Oda clapped his hands to his ears in horror as Miyuki-chan let out another earsplitting scream. Oji-chan was more tactful and tried to get her to stop screaming.


“Miyuki-chan, it’s all right! Calm down! Takeshi will become part of this band you love and so it will become even more special to you… Don’t you think so, Miyuki-chan? Isn’t this good news?”


“YOU! ARASHI- I, but I! AAAAAAURRRGGGGGHHHHH!!” Miyuki-chan shook her head violently, clawing at her hair. “I don’t BELIEVE it! YOU! TAKESHI! You can’t even- NO! I can’t believe after all this- WHY? I don’t know what to-”


“Miyuki-chan, CHILL!” Oda cried, his eyes wide. “You’re starting to really scare me.”


“But you KNOW… You KNOW how much I- NNNUUUURRRGHHHHGGG!!” She couldn’t even finish her sentence as she felt he overwhelming need to hit something. “You are going to be PART of them and- they’re GODS and I’m actually related to- SHIT! What am I going to do when I- OH NO! I still haven’t lost enough weight and you-!”


Oda sighed and slumped down to the floor. This would take a while, he could tell… Shouji had been smart enough to smell danger and scampered off to the safety of his room, while Oji-chan excused himself to make some tea… Oda advised him to stay away till it was safe enough and so he alone remained to bear the ranting of a fan girl, well into the wee hours of dawn.


Still, Miyuki-chan could not be appeased and so Oda, in a desperate attempt to finally get some needed rest, offered her something that he knew he would regret later on…



Iie- No

Arashi-tachi- the rest of arashi

Okaeri- Welcome back

Tadaima- I’m home/I’ve returned


Title: WHY? 

by: choconova 
An ohmiya fanvid. 

So, both youtube and veoh kicked me out and for months i gave up on posting this video. :)) But today, i rewatched it again and I felt the need to share. No streaming site will take me and so I finally gave in to Vox. Forgive the quality, I am very much in despair. But what can I do? *shrug* If you guys know a streaming host site, then please let me know and I will check them out. ^_^

 I do very much want to know what you think of it! :) Comments mean the world, i swear. 

"Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou" (JEZUS what a long title ) is a beautiful, beautiful song with equally beautiful (and sad) lyrics. I highly recommend that you read through the lyrics (which i have provided below) first so you can better catch the gist of the video. There's a story, yes. I hope its clear to everyone. I'm pretty concerned about it. :)


P.S. I should get shot for this, really... Arashi and DBSK crossover. LOL. 


Lately, I've been surfing the net, trying to look for a good read. It's never actually that I have no material to read- in fact, i've got tons of articles I kinda need to read to pass my fucking subjects. But they're just about as appetizing as a dead dormouse. (Have you ever seen a dormouse before? Yeah, imagine that.) 

My recent trips to Powerbooks turned out futile since I couldn't seem to find a cover that didn't scream out Vampires or bloody sex. Confused and just a little angry, I wander around the bookstore like a lost kid, wondering if I needed to change my glasses sometime soon. Because I finally see the huge sign taped on the wall that read: SALE. 50% OFF! 

Oh. So THAT'S why. All confusion and doubts disappeared from my mind which was replaced by a dejected sense of understanding. Like I had discovered why Aphrodite had no arms. Why it had to be that way. 

I had been too rudely shaken awake by Media theories and the evil called Commercialism, that I have lost all taste and patience for the word: SALE. That is a lie, that word. It shouldn't be legal to be called that. It's a violation to the English jargon. I think the appropriate word is: Cheat. Trickery. STALE. Whatever it is they are trying to dupe you into buying, you can be sure there's something wrong with it, or it's ten hours off from the expiration date. Pessimist? Me? Perish the thought. 

So I stalk out the bookstore, sulking. Despite the glittery red letters of the looming, dreaded word, I knew that the real reason why there weren't any good books around, was that they were packed away, conveniently not ready yet for display. I must wait till the sign comes off before I go in again. The problem now is, what to do during that time? 

We go back to my surfing online for good stories. The problem with online stories is that the reason they remain online- is because they suck. Well, there are good ones- the ones you have to pay for to read. E-books, they're called now. But that' a lie, too- that word. E-books aren't really books. They aren't electronic either. Poor English Jargon. It's being brutally misused like God's name. But unlike God, who has the Pope to remind us that we are evil people who need to clean our mouth with extra strong bleach... Who defends English, when the English (people) themselves violate it with words like e-book? Or worse, pedestrian lanes. Come now, let's not be foolish with PEDESTRIAN LANES. What right does that strip of cement with yellow tattoos have, to call itself a pedestrian lane? Technically, any strip of solid mass can be called a pedestrian lane as long as people stomp over it. Right? Tsk, tsk. My God, really. 

But AGAIN, back to on-line literature. I've spent hours poring over onslaught of words, dutifully ignoring the incest rape stories and picking acidly through trashy romance novelettes. Once in a while, I return to my "A History of Television" but one can only stomach dead dormouse to a certain extent. My paper on "Wowowee" still remains static at 2000 words, the last word ending with: Dolphy. 

Somehow, my will to write more about the Comedy King disappears and instead, I am writing about my crappy musings somewhere my professors can never reach. All they ever need to know about my writing is the semi-intelligent garble I got from my grade four teacher, Mrs. Antoni, who taught me all I needed to know by explaining the Invertebrae chart. Through the trauma of having to learn about backbone-less worms and termites, I have perfected the art of indirectly addressing something that would normally gross out people. Writing papers, if you must know, ranks as one of the grossest thin man-kind had ever invented. 

So my online search for decent literature has failed. Either the world wide web just isn't meant for higher culture, or I just sucked hunting for goods. I've only trusted google. Anything more complicated than search engines, I burst into tears. I have never, ever considered buying one of those self-help for dummies book, but now I am beginning to think now's a good chance to try something new. My pathetic life now taken over by a Trunchbull (aka school) has forced me into this state of primitivism, that "trying something new" would be restricted into the confines of my own skin. 

I now miss the days when "trying something new" would constitute to my flicking stones over the principal's window, wanting to prove so much that she was an alien because of the yellow topaz she wore on her throat. In my young mind, I believed that if I threw the stones hard enough, they would break the yellow "thingy" around her neck and I would be hailed a hero who had just saved the world from the invasion of aliens. That was during the "Mars Attack!" days. Today, I have a topaz choker of my own, delicately hanging by my jewelry stand, always admired but never worn. I was a kid, once upon a time. Today, at 18 years of existence, there were still kids around who flick stones. I'd rather not risk being mistaken for an alien. 

After about a thousand words, I have finally come to understand the sudden emergence of the me whom I haven't seen for at least a year now. I used to write silly nothings like these and post them up without a flying fuck because I like hearing my voice jump out at me through words. Some people have an obsession with looking at themselves in a mirror. Well, apparently, I obsess over my the voice in my head (Jimmy Cricket, is that you?) and try to make sense of it through quantifiable words. Words that can be read. Words that are proof that I'm not insane yet because hey- I'm still laughing. I remember Joker cackling: "And I thought my jokes were bad!". I want to squeeze him and laugh, assuring him: No. You're jokes aren't bad. The audience just suck. 

Being a coffee addict is fun. Taxing, but fun. You get to be all java and artistic and you've got an excuse for the temporary high. It's legal, caffeine. No one says you're a junkie even though its true anyway. But take it away, and it's all doom and gloom. Depression hits you like the 20th century. So I decided to stop. Rainbows and butterflies become dark and morbid once you take away the colors, yanno? So for about a few years, I was clean. All-nighters were a bitch to go through with a bowl of peanuts and an apple that barely pinches at all.
Once in a while, I'd succumb and get myself a good ol' espresso at Starbucks. But as I became more devoted to my health-nut phase, I stuck to green-tea like a green leech. Go, greenies! Say no to pigs and cows, let's go tofu! But hey, I genuinely love tofu. And green tea. And yes, Yoghurt is the new ice cream. Instead of crying at night over buckets of green-tea ice cream, I now prefer a bucket of Nestle strawberry yoghurt. 

But tonight, on a whim, I drowned myself in the sinfully good substance. My giant Wall-E tumbler is now drained empty, but the warm aroma of coffee still lingers in the air and in my breath. My papers have artful coffee stains which I delightfully trace with a bandaged finger. I missed this, I really have. The Script blairs on re-run on my iTunes and I have the words: The Man who can't be Moved, stuck on my lips like a mantra. I don't feel particularly artistic right now- I'm pretty sure I will never feel artistic ever again. But I feel it- the familiarity. Like finding an old pair of jeans and realizing with delight that it still fit, even after all these years. 

And words flow out from me like it did before. Before, when I was not afraid to write. When I was not afraid of the world. 

I love this feeling- writing so freely without any worry of cohesiveness or conciseness or whatever it is they taught during English 101. Introduction, Body and Conclusions really tire me- like having to pace endlessly inside a restricted cage. You poke a little at the boundaries, and a pen sharply scraps at you reprimanding-ly. You have no choice but to resentfully withdraw your now bloodied finger, watching as the redness stains the big fat 2.5 glaring from your paper. Bah. 

It's been too long since I wrote a decently pointless journal entry. 



WHY, an ohMiya Fanvid.
by: choconova

All right, so I guess this is a bit funny. Arashi x DBSK crossover? *gets shot* LOL.
But hey, Tohoshinki's new single came out and I just loved it. And guess what I do to things I love..? Yes, I exploit it. I use it. I just HAVE to tinker with it and voila! This is the product. ^^;;

Recently, i've been busy to the point of obtaining panda-eyes. Yes, i am now starting to look like Riida (have you seen his eyes in maou? Riida- sleep please!) and I am paying a hefty price (buying creams and other gunk) to look human again. XD But it's a saturday night. I needed my well-deserved free time and see what my free time has been spent on! lol.

"Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou" (JEZUS what a long title ) is a beautiful, beautiful song with equally beautiful (and sad) lyrics. I highly recommend that you read through the lyrics (which i have provided below) first so you can better catch the gist of the video. There's a story, yes. I hope its clear to everyone. I'm pretty concerned about it. :)

Please enjoy and don't forget to comment. I seriously want to know what you think and comments mean the world. It does. :)

Youtube and Avex can all go to hell. ^^ I honestly don't think I've infringed any copyrights but.. oh well. That's what the upper assholes say so, who am I to say otherwise eh? They can have their sorry exercise of power. Lol.

So, off we go!

DETA! My Ohmiya theories! O_O

Warning: very very weirdness. XD

All right, so I've got several Ohmiya theories my whacked up brain made up- but its got me pretty convinced! And just two nights ago, two of my theories have been confirmed. O_O

The first was the theme of the "Sun". I don't want to spoil anything from WA but actually, I've already got an insert song which I wrote nearly a year ago. It's a song where the theme is "the sun". Watching 6.19 HNA where Nino dresses up as an Otaku and infiltrate fortune tellers, nearly gave me a hear attack.

The woman mentioned the word "TAIYOU" which means the SUN. I don't know if anyone would believe me when I say this, but personally, when I look at Nino, I see a sun.

See, I'm the type of person who feels through life more than anything. I trust my instincts more than I do the police. I'm sure some of you have experienced this quite a lot- when you see something and immediately, you are reminded of something else. :D I may have a memory span the size of a teaspoon but strangely, everything will remind me of something else.

And so when my instincts suddenly shoved the vision of a "sun" in my mind, it got me stumped. It doesn't make sense at all because Nino is hardly the bright, sunny persona. That's more of Aiba's style, ne? But I actually DO see a sun. And so I've come up with this really really whacked up notion that Nino is someone who always LOOKS at the sun. The "SUN" here being something/someone that is special or dear to him. Of course, being the Ohmiya devotee that I am, I immediately set about ways to convince myself that this "SUN" was none other than Oh-chan. (I have yet to prove that by the way)

And now, the fortune-teller has confirmed my intuition. O_O I couldn't help but be flabbergasted.

The next one is a more normal one. You see, I've always told my friends that it is my firm believe that Nino will never get married. Or if he would, it would not be a happy one. He just doesn't seem like the type who'd be in a commitment. My instincts tell me Nino finds women in general- annoying. And oh, he hates kids.

And what did the fortune teller say next??


I fell off my chair laughing. You see, Nino?? The whole world says so. Stick with Oh-chan, that's a good lad. Oh-chan isn't the type to get married either. If ever, I think his dear mother would co-erce him into an omiai or an arranged marriage. And oh-chan, being the dutiful kid that he is, would get married and not care at all. A hundred bucks says that if ever, the wife would be just like Oh-chan's mom. XD

Ah, the weirdness of it all. I just felt like someone up there was laughing at me, teasing me by giving me would-be evidences that will never be accepted as hard evidence anyway. Hahahaha. No matter how deluded I may be, I will never pass the above mentioned as hard pieces of evidence. The Ohmiya touches are my only (at least for now) proof of Ohmiya love. XD

But still, it's fun.

Ohno's beloved Ninomiya.

Riida is killing me. He really is.

So, I was watching the latest Ousama no Brunch where Riida and Tohma guested for their upcoming dorama, Maou! You can imagine just how excited I am for Maou. I'm seriously losing sleep over it. =.=

So right! Oh-chan is looking spiffier than ever. He actually lost some of his ridiculous (but CUTE) stuttering and his fillers had dramatically decreased. He was talking in full sentences now! Bravo, Riida. :D Tohma and Ohno seemed to get along pretty well. Hurray. ^^

They mentioned Matsujun's thoughtfulness. And Riida's fishing tendencies which makes him tanner than needed for his maou role. -.-;; And oh, apparently, Tohma has a huge appetite. So CUTE.


In the middle of the show, the host announced the next topic- another Arashi member starring in the first episode of Maou! XDDD (Of course, we all already knew who it was) And the host asks Ohno: Ohno-san, who will be appearing?

And Ohno goes: "Ah, boku no, daisuki na..."


Your most beloved?! OMG I LOVE YOU!! Riida, go on and announce to the world just WHO YOU LOVE!

And he keeps repeating it! "The one I like the most... My most beloved.."

And the host reiterates it! "Ohno-kun's beloved Ninomiya"


I am in ohmiya zen. Lalalalalalalala. Sunshine has come back in my life. ^^;;
Now, if only I could get back to writing..


Ohmiya is BACK!!!


Lately, I have been feeling sad and somewhat empty. While some of you may laugh and think it's a bit over the top (God knows I wonder about myself sometimes..), it was because of the obviously widening gap between Ohmiya. My unease started when Nino revealed the origin of Gimmick Game. It was an 'ohmiya song' which made me happy- but it made me sad at the same time. The lyrics weren't exactly peachy-poo.

But I passed it off as some 'gimmick' Nino was playing to bait us Ohmiya fans... Still, my nagging unease wouldn't go away.

I went 'KYAA!' over Chinen's obvious fanboying and I eagerly anticipated Nino's exploding jealousy-induced reaction... which never came. Instead of the jealous explosion, Oh-chan received silent treatment. D: Oh NO.

Things went worse from thereon in!

The gap between them became wider and wider! From Shukudai-kun (Le GASP!) to their One-Love PV (where the gap was SO painfully obvious) to the rest of the shows during that period, Nino was so distant from Oh-chan. He was also literally far away from him (That seldom happened before!).  I was confused and I didn't know what was going on- and then the Wink Up July issue comes out and we hear Nino saying something about "going on a journey".

Oh NO.

Journey?? Like, if that was a literal journey, I'd eat my shoe. Is it because of Chinen? Is it because of Arashi's growing popularity and you were torn with showing the world your ohmiya love? Or is it because Oh-chan was getting more and more popular and so you fear he is not going to need you anymore?

Nino, you IDIOT!!

I was devastated. Oh-chan looked so lonely without Nino beside him.

And so the drama.


My Ohmiya sensors picked up when I watched the 6.14. VSA. My eyes went O_O when I realized... I realized! Nino was not so standoffish anymore! He was actually standing next to Oh-chan now.

A slice of happiness.

But today, TODAY, I have achieved Nirvana. My Zen and peace. My pinnacle of happiness.


Thanks to the reports on the recent 6/18 and 6/19 Fukuoka concert, I can now die happy!! ^_^ According to the reports, on Fukuoka 6/18, Arashi celebrated Nino's birthday! And with it, came the return of Ohmiya SK!! Sugoi! Taka and Yuji are back! ^^

During the SK skit, Taka (oh-chan) kisses Yuji (nino) on the cheek! KYA!! And Nino falls over in embarrassment! Omg! ^^


On the 6/19 concert, Ohmiya kisses again! And this time (LISTEN TO THIS), it was the lips-to-lips kind of kiss!!


And Oh-chan declared that they are going out from now on.



Go tell your friends, folks! Go tell your families! Your dogs! THE WORLD!

Because tonight, I will rest happy. Tonight, I can smile in earnest and declare proudly...

Ohmiya.. is BACK.

Nino, welcome back from your journey. I'm glad you're back safe. :)


Sugoi. O_O It's Masi Oka!

Er, so there I was, waiting for MS because KYAA! Arashi is coming to sing One LovE! ^_^
But then... I was a whole hour early. So i boredly surfed around while waiting and then suddenly i saw-


 Bikurishita. ^_^;;

He was the guest for this talkshow.. I dunno the name of the show and i was hardly paying attention. I knew Masi Oka followed the Japanese-American pattern and I totally didnt expect him to be so good at speaking japanese. Because frankly, his japanese in Heroes was very dubious. ^^;;

It was such a pleasantly shocking experience. lol.
Ah, still twenty minutes till MS..


Ohmiya squee.

Because I am tired of trying to find somone to squeal over ohmiya with. Because I cannot help myself. Because I am cool like that. Hah, no- I'm the biggest loser on earth. Believe it. Lol. 

So anyway, I was watching the latest shenanigan on VS Arashi... Sigh. Riida's black hair. No matter how many weeks its been I still think it's incredibly hot on him. Who needs an orange mange of lion hair when you can look that THAT, Riida?? Stick to it please. But don't ever grow that goatee again. I had nightmares for weeks. It was like Jun's eyebrows grew on his face. Ugh. 

But anyway, I was a little sad as I watched the latest VSA. Of course, I was giddy with the fact that Oh-chan was climbing up that wall- guh. He really looks good like that. But then I noticed that Ohmiya hasnt been interacting much anymore. Like, even in Shukudai-kun. They were so far apart it made me a little concerned. 

No, Riida! I know Chinen's cute and hell yes, he's a lot younger than Nino- But don't let Nino slip away!! Noooo! D:

I honestly believe that Chinen is a huge factor in the Ohmiya relationship, romantic or otherwise. Abandoning my fangirling mind for a split second, I will still come to the objective conclusio that Chinen is really involved in the dynamics of OhMiya relationship. I don't think NIno appreciates the fact that some brat has come to steal Ohno's attention, which has always been on Nino. Sigh. I love them all, really. But please, don't break up!

Gimmick game aside, please tell me that the 'break up' was just temporary. *fangirling mode back on*

That aside, I shall continue to watch and hope and love. Ohmiya has become.. a religion to me. They make me happy like nothing can. Because somehow, I believe that they are real. Well, more real than Akame, that's for sure (no offense meant to Kat-tun fans).

I can't wait for Oh-chan's drama! Seriously, I am counting the days. July come fasteeeeeeeeer. I need a healthy dose of Ohno. And I'm praying that Nino can appear on a cameo role somehow. Like how Oh-chan cameod for YTM. :DD 

Later days!


[MR.SUN] Changing

Included in the MR.SUN album. :) I was innocently listening to Arashi's newest Dream-a-Live album and it was Riida's INCREDIBLE solo 'Take me Faraway' that triggered the inspiration in me. Sigh. That man can sing. And even though I had no idea what he was saying (YET) since I have yet to read the translation, I still fell in love with his voice all over again. :)


The light reflected on the tears on the letter you wrote
Ate away at the silence of my room
The night was quiet just like last time
Exchanging stories of the lovers in the sky

The world we knew had always been too small
And before we knew it…

Our hearts were bursting with emotions
We never knew were there
Meaningless words repeated countless times
If only we knew what to say
Tell me why it had to be this way

If you could see my eyes right now
They have never trembled looking at you
The night could have been just like last time
Only it isn’t because it has become our story

No matter how this world would start changing
We won’t, even when...

Everything we believed in turned out gray
And we become hurt
Meaningless words repeated countless times
If only our hearts could speak
We wouldn’t have to be so weak

No matter where you are
No matter what time or place
No matter what world we are reborn
The sky will always be the same for us

Even if forever does not exist
This long winding road can still be taken
We can go far away.